Human Rights Impact Assessments for AI: Learning from Facebook’s Failure in Myanmar 

For HRIAs to effectively address the rights-related impact of AI, they must be conducted as a sociotechnical exercise at appropriate intervals.  This requires situating algorithmic performance in rich, rights-focused contexts.

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Privacy &: The Human Rights Impact of Algorithmic Profiling

By limiting our cognitive autonomy, predictive algorithms encroach upon our privacy with related implications for realizing other human rights.

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Human Dignity, AI, and The Right to Work

As AI revolutionizes industry, the paradigm of work will continue to change. By automating the routine, we have the opportunity to create more rewarding forms of work that leverage our uniquely human capabilities.

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Facebook and the Way Forward

Facebook must assume responsibility for amplifying narratives that become a part of the collective understanding.  It can begin to combat misinformation by implementing design changes that promote the balanced and measured consumption of information.


Democratizing Principles of Ethical AI 

Aaina discusses the work of the AI policy team at the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.