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Aaina Agarwal is a business and human rights lawyer who specializes in the impact of AI and other digital technologies.  She works globally across sectors to implement rights-aligned strategies for AI innovation and governance.  Her approach works in tandem to align market incentives with an integral commitment to human rights. 

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She is the host of the Indivisible AI podcast, where she interviews experts at the forefront of both building and regulating AI.  Her writing focuses on negotiating advanced solutions to steer technological intermediation in favor of open society.

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Aaina was formerly a member of the AI policy team at the World Economic Forum, where she launched and ran the Global AI Council.  She also served as the inaugural Director of Policy & Partnerships at the Algorithmic Justice League, where she continues to serve as its Human Rights Advisor. 

She began her career as an executive compensation and corporate lawyer for tech companies in Los Angeles.  She has a Bachelor’s degree from Duke University, a Juris Doctor from USC Law and a Masters of Law in Tech Policy, Business & Human Rights from NYU Law.